Custom Jewelry

LK Bridal Designs:
Custom Jewelry Tailored
Just For You

Welcome to a realm where your visions transform into gleaming reality. At LK Bridal Designs, we believe that jewelry is more than just adornment—it’s an extension of you, a reflection of your unique story and style. Whether you’re commemorating a special moment or simply wanting to flaunt your personal flair, our custom jewelry service promises to craft pieces that resonate with your essence.

The LK
Custom Experience



Every masterpiece begins with an idea. Whether you’re in the cozy town of Stuart or miles away, our consultation process is tailored for your convenience. Meet us in person, amidst the glitter of our boutique with refreshments at hand – perhaps a glass of wine, beer, or champagne to celebrate the start of this journey. For those afar, technology bridges the gap, as we connect via Zoom to hear your dreams.


Design Inspiration

A picture, a thought, a dream – share with us what ignites your passion. Whether it’s photographs, sketches, or just a vivid imagination, we soak in your vision, ensuring every facet of your aspiration is understood.


Crafting The Vision

Harnessing the power of modern technology, we create a CAD (Computer Aided Design) of your bespoke piece. This digital model becomes the canvas where we paint your ideas, providing you with a detailed representation of the final masterpiece.


The Perfect Fit

Once the CAD design meets your expectations, we take a tangible step forward. A wax resin of your design is meticulously crafted and shipped to you, allowing you to try it on. Admire its silhouette and ensure that everything is picture-perfect.


The Grand Finale

With your nod, we embark on the final journey—casting. Your dream, now molded and refined, starts taking its gleaming form. This intricate process, from consultation to casting, spans approximately 4 to 6 weeks. However, perfection can’t be rushed. Depending on your feedback and any alterations to the CAD design, this timeline might extend. But rest assured, the final piece will be worth the wait.


Breathing New Life Into
Cherished Heirlooms

Inherited an outdated engagement ring? A precious hand-me-down from your grandmother, perhaps? At LK Bridal Designs, we understand the emotional value these pieces hold. We can masterfully remount all the stones into a fresh, modern setting tailored to your tastes. Whether you envision a revamped ring, a statement necklace, a delicate bracelet, or any other jewelry piece, bring us the stones, and we’ll create an updated masterpiece that beautifully marries tradition with trend.

Craft Your Story
With Us Today!

Why Choose
LK Bridal Designs?

Apart from our expertise and the personalized touch we infuse in every design, our dedication to transparency and education sets us apart. We’re not just crafting a jewel; we’re crafting a memory, a legacy. Every step, every stone, every decision is made with you at the heart of it.

Dive into an immersive jewelry design experience that’s both luxurious and personal. When it comes to custom jewelry, it’s more than just the shine; it’s about the story, the journey, and the emotion. Let LK Bridal Designs be the artisan of your vision.